Josée Dufour a finalist for a Dunamis award

2016 prix Dunamis 35-ans de reconnaissance

Prix Dunamis remis à Josée Dufour

The president of Axiomatech, Josée Dufour, has been named a finalist in the prestigious concours Dunamis 2016 organized by the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Laval, in the female leadership category. The award goes to women whose leadership has made an exceptional contribution to social and economic development in Laval and in Quebec. “I am especially touched by this recognition, particularly as it was the Axiomatech team that had the idea of submitting my nomination. As a CEO, I find this most encouraging!” says Josée. The final results will be made known on April 7 at the 35th edition of the Gala Dunamis at the Château Royal Laval.

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