Technology sales

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) package helps building managers organize and monitor maintenance operations, providing simplified access to information and better use of human resources that can reduce costs through improved management of time and know-how. CMMS software increases equipment availability and uptime for better planning and tighter monitoring of maintenance operations, with a consequent optimization of the service life of assets.

Roll-out is a critical stage: information accuracy will depend on the quality of the data entered into the system. Familiarity with every aspect of real property, tangible assets and associated requirements is therefore vital. Axiomatech can help with system start-up, guiding you through the inventory process and the optimization of maintenance operations to meet your goals.

If you are not currently using CMMS software, Axiomatech can offer a complete range of products that will enable you to optimize the management of your facilities. The solutions we supply are compatible with a number of commercially available systems.

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